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About Us

At LCS, we do not subscribe to white supremacy culture, misogyny, racism, capitalism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other oppressive viewpoints or systems. And we will not work with partners that are unwilling to disable these systems within their own organizations or agencies.

Understanding diverse communities can be challenging; we are here to lighten the load for you. We are honest and positive professionals whose priority is always the interests of our clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability.

Founded in 2019, LCS has been using applied social science and robust JEDI approaches to engage stakeholders in order to tackle some of the world's largest environmental and social problems. Contact us today to see how we can support your organization’s growth.

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Past projects have included:

  • Focus groups with fishers in The Bahamas to understand their attitudes and perceptions of marine protected areas

  • Engaging hunters to improve deer management

  • Interviewing diverse communities to connect them with natural spaces

  • Understanding how diverse communities viewed private land conservation

  • Incorporating justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion into conservation planning at various organizations

  • Connecting with rural, suburban, and urban communities to ensure their values were incorporated into conservation efforts that impacted their livelihoods

Our promise to you is that we will do everything we can to ensure that your organization has crystal-clear data about the impacted communities you serve so that you can create comprehensive goals, informed strategies, marketing campaigns, and action plans, based on science, that will greatly increase your likelihood of success. Contact us today to get started.

Meet the Team


CEO - Leander Lacy (he/him)

Leander Lacy is the founder and current CEO of Lacy Consulting Services (LCS). He is passionate about the next evolution of conservation that gracefully integrates social and environmental advocacy to increase the likelihood of addressing the world's largest environmental crisis. He believes that oppressive systems have held conservation back from reaching its full potential and that through the work we do at LCS we can finally unlock that potential.


Business Development Coordinator - Nicole Murphy (she/her)

Nicole works alongside the CEO to help ensure that LCS is moving forward with a healthy and equity-focused growth mindset. Nicole began as the Executive Assistant, moved to be LCS' Project Manager, and now holds this title. She has been an asset to LCS as the second hire ever. Nicole is dedicated to the company and is a resource for staff as LCS experiences explosive growth. ​The challenges may not be easy, but she believes that if the team and our clients work hard, we can make the world better.

If she could spend her life tackling one social justice issue, it would be women's reproductive rights; something she cares deeply about.


Inclusivity Social Scientist - Anna Barboza (they/them)

Anna's role is to integrate the human dimensions of natural resource management by amplifying community perceptions through qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Taking a non-linear path to her current role, she has experience in coastal community income diversification, education non-profits, and hands-on environmental education.

Anna loves working at LCS because of the passion and support that all employees have for one another and the work. Anna grew up in Silver Springs, MD, and loves to surf, hike, and rollerblade. She is also a scuba diving industry divemaster.


Environmental Social Scientist - Matt Jurjonas (he/him)

Matt works with the Social Science Department to develop and conduct interviews, focus groups, and community forums to understand the priorities of communities that are involved with or impacted by conservation projects. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis he synthesizes findings to inform best practices and adaptive management for environmental project goals to help ensure equitable outcomes for people and nature.

Matt grew up on the Southside of Chicago, IL and in his spare time, he enjoys hikes with his dog Lila and taking Salsa lessons. He currently lives in Mexico City where gets to enjoy street performers, local artists, and the central market alongside his wife.


Community Engagement Specialist - Christianne Maldonado (she/her)

Christianne's role in Lacy Consulting Service (LCS) is not only to bridge communication barriers but also to connect on a much deeper level with the Latino/Hispanic/Spanish-speaking people we engage with. She connects personally and professionally with our clients to build trust; listens deeply to them to understand their needs and emotions and then helps their voices to be heard by representing their viewpoints as clearly and accurately as possible. She is looking to expand the awareness of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in Latin America and Spanish-speaking communities in the United States.


Equitable Conservation Specialist - Skye Newman (they/them)

Originally from Austin, Skye leads trainings and workshops on JEDI in conservation, trust building, and Conservation Standards. They come from a background in science communication and education, and are passionate about systems-based conservation projects and making the outdoors feel safe and accessible to systematically oppressed communities.